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MyMelanoma has started as a grass roots campaign by people affected by melanoma, to launch a study addressing the research questions most important to them.

This included fundraising by Sean Guinness, which allowed the initiation of MyMelanoma and by the University of the Highlands and Islands in memory of their colleague Dr Sharon Hutchison, who died of a cutaneous melanoma in 2019, which is supporting the initiation of the MyMelanoma genetic study.

While we have also received funding from Melanoma Focus and Cancer Research UK (CRUK) to establish the infrastructure for MyMelanoma, we need continued support for the research studies. Your sponsorship and fundraising for the MyMelanoma projects therefore means we can help fund our research into this disease and achieve our goals as quickly as possible.

We have a Just Giving page to support the MyMelanoma study here.

If you are interested in Corporate sponsorship of the MyMelanoma study please click here for more information.

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