Prof. Mark Middleton

University of Oxford

Mark Middleton is Professor of Experimental Cancer Medicine, Consultant Medical Oncologist at the Oxford Cancer and Haematology Centre and Head of the Department of Oncology at the University of Oxford.

Prof. Middleton studied medicine at Cambridge and Oxford and trained in medical oncology at the Christie Hospital. He has overseen the development of internationally leading melanoma and upper GI clinical research groups and establishment of portfolios of early phase radiotherapy and haematooncology trials in Oxford. He is involved in the evaluation of novel immunotherapeutics, including pre-clinical development, trial design, proof of mechanism and proof of concept.

He is the Chief Investigator of the MyMelanoma project.

One of Prof. Middleton’s major research goals is to better understand why not all patients benefit from the new drugs available to treat melanoma. Genetic characteristics or signatures are being explored to identify patients who are likely to benefit from particular treatments and to make informed treatment decisions on the best combinations of drugs to use in the clinic. Link to UoO website: