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There are different ways in which you can help.

  • If you have had a melanoma of the skin yourself, treated in the NHS, then we invite you to consider taking part in MyMelanoma by providing information online about your melanoma and your health. Click here for information about what taking part would mean for you.
  • If you have had melanoma and you would like more information or have questions about melanoma, please go to the Melanoma page by clicking here.
  • By fundraising. We will fund the MyMelanoma project by research grants but additional funds are urgently needed, especially in the early days of the project. If you would like to read about fund raising to date and consider fund raising yourself then click here.
  • By considering MyMelanoma as a recipient of your corporate funding: click here.
  • People who have had melanoma treated will be able to participate by joining discussions about melanoma, where MyMelanoma is going and what other questions need to be asked. To find out more please email:
  • If you are a hospital or other site that would like to advertise the study to your patients, click here.

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About Melanoma

Melanoma is a cancer of the pigment cells: cells which make melanin which is responsible in part for skin colour and for protecting the skin from damage from the sun. Although all melanomas are cancers, most melanomas are removed early and are entirely cured by that surgery.

Our research

MyMelanoma is a study designed to research the most important current questions about melanoma and its treatment. These questions relate to treatments, the nature of the particular cancers (all cancers are a little bit different), other health matters and to lifestyles.

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