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The research questions being asked by MyMelanoma arose after extensive consultation with melanoma patient and public involvement (PPI) groups.

Upon enrolment with MyMelanoma, you will be asked to complete some questionnaires, the responses to which will provide us vital information about you and your melanoma. Following from this, you might be asked to take part in additional studies depending on your eligibility. These studies will help to answer the research questions most asked by melanoma patient focus groups.

MyMelanoma aims

The primary aim of MyMelanoma is to recruit and maintain contact with a large group of melanoma patients to build the biggest data resource ever collected in the UK that will enable researchers to answer key questions around melanoma.

The key research questions being asked by MyMelanoma:

Why are some people more prone to develop melanoma, and what factors modify a genetic risk of melanoma?

What are the long-term cancer risks in people who carry a genetic risk of melanoma?

Are there biomarkers that can help identify those who are more likely to respond well to different treatments?

What effects does a melanoma diagnosis, treatment and associated side effects have on the quality of life of people diagnosed with a melanoma?

What is the biology underlying secondary melanomas and how is the immune system involved?

What lifestyle factors play a role in melanoma?

MyMelanoma is fixed on achieving the reality of the mantra: Research - Treat - Cure.

Led by expert researchers UK wide

The MyMelanoma team is led by Prof. Mark Middleton at Oxford University, with a team of melanoma researchers from across the UK tackling the key outstanding questions in understanding melanoma. Find out more about our research team here.

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Working with international researchers

The MyMelanoma research team has a long-standing relationship within the GenoMEL consortium. GenoMEL was initiated in 1997 and remains a vibrant research group working to understand the role of inheritance of melanoma and the genetic variation within tumours which determines outcome and response to treatment.

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The War on Melanoma TM project led by Dr Sancy Leachman and Dr Elizabeth Berry in Portland, USA. The goal of this project is intended to drastically reduce the incidence of melanoma by education. MyMelanoma will collaborate with this project, by using shared questionnaires, allowing comparison of data collected between studies.

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