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MyMelanoma is recruiting 20,000 melanoma patients to join the largest study of melanoma ever performed. A study designed to answer the most important current questions about melanoma and its treatment.

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MyMelanoma is a one-of-a-kind and collaborative research project delivered in proud partnership with world leaders in melanoma research.
If you would prefer a Welsh translation please contact the MyMelanoma team by email. Translation into other languages may also be possible: contact the team.

What is the MyMelanoma project about?

Every day in the UK, 50 people are diagnosed with melanoma of the skin, and melanoma continues to be of concern around the world, so around 220 people in the US, and 42 in Australia are diagnosed every day.

Despite considerable improvements in the treatment of melanoma in recent years much needs to be done to improve the quality of care internationally. MyMelanoma is designed to build a large anonymized database which researchers around the world will be able to use to understand how to deliver that improvement, in as fast a time as possible.

MyMelanoma is the most ambitious data collecting project ever performed internationally, linking data entered online by at least 20,000 patient participants with their data stored in the NHS.

As the project develops then the database will also include data generated from examination of blood, stool and tumour samples.

MyMelanoma is a unique collaboration between patients, the NHS, research scientists and NHS Digital, for the benefit of melanoma patients anywhere.

Why should I take part in MyMelanoma?

It is difficult for one research group to build studies of sufficient size to produce clear unequivocal results when addressing specific questions. That is where we are different.

Our pioneering study will be the largest ever conducted in the UK, led by experts across the country and with over 20,000 participants on board. We have created a truly collaborative study to accelerate our research, answering the questions most important to melanoma patients, as identified through extensive consultation.

But we need your help to achieve these goals, through enrolling in the MyMelanoma study, answering our research questionnaires and taking part in further studies, if you are selected based on your eligibility.

What will I need to do to sign up to the study?

During the sign-up process for MyMelanoma, you will be asked to read a ‘patient information sheet’ providing in-depth details about taking part. The information provided is very detailed in order that you can understand all that will be done with your data and what you would be asked to do. As the information is so detailed, we have made three short videos that you might want to view first. If you then decide that you do want to take part, then you will be asked to consent to join online. During consenting you would be asked to add your NHS number and the stage of your melanoma, but don’t worry if you struggle with either, the MyMelanoma team will be able to help,

After this, you will be able to complete two questionnaires about your medical and family history and various aspects of your lifestyle. Some people will be selected to take part in further studies based on their answers to these initial questionnaires. Examples of these questionnaires can be found on this website by clicking here.