Inspiring your community

Help advertise the study to patients in your own area.

Advertising resources

We have a poster and a flyer which can be used to advertise the study in your own area. These are available to download via the links below.

We also have a limited number of print copies available. Do get in touch with if you would like us to send some of these to you.

  • MyMelanoma does not require NHS sites to act as PICs
  • There is no formal governance/monitoring required by NHS sites
  • Despite the above, CRN credit is available for individuals that participate from your centre. Please put your trial admin team in touch with to establish the process for updating your systems to account for this.

Contact us

To sign up to be part of MyMelanoma or if you have any further questions for us then please fill out the form. One of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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